FAQ & Terms - Blue Limousine Service

a) Wait time for pick up at home or office: For all pick ups at home and office, the first 10 minutes are free. After the first 10 minute, the wait time will be charged as per hourly rate for the given vehicle. b)Wait time for the Airport pick up: We check the flight arrival statuses for all airport pick ups & all customers are privileged to 20 minute of free/grace waiting time for Domestic flight arrival and 45 minutes for the International flight arrival at the Airport. Wait time charges for the following vehicles are as per below. c) Lincoln Town Car: $45/hour + 20% Gratuity + 7% d)7 Passenger Suv, 14 passenger Van and 6-10 passenger Stretch Limousine. : $65/hour + 20% gratuity + 7 % tax. Note: The waiting time will be charged in a section of every 15 minute period.

a)For all pick ups at home of office, the drivers are usually at the main entrance/door and easy to locate unless there is a no standing at that location. If there is no standing at the pick up location, our driver will call the passenger and inform them the pick up procedure. b)For those who have schedule an “inside pick up” at the airport, they will find their driver holding a sign with your name, which will make it easier for you to locate. Note: There are many drivers holding a sign, also often many airlines change the arrival gate at the last minute and that way, you may not be able to locate our driver. In such situation, please give us a call and we will locate your driver for you c)For those who have scheduled an “outside Pick up” at the airport, please check their voice mail and in the voice mail, they will find our driver’s name and cell phone number. Important Note: By any chance, if they fail to locate the driver, please call us at 1-888-302-7580 and ask our dispatcher’s help to locate our driver. If you fail to locate our driver and fail to call us, and leave or take any other source of transportation your trip will be considered as a no show and you will be billed for full no show.

This is a great time & money saver airport pick up procedure. After you have received your luggage, check your voice mail, and retrieve your driver’s name and cell phone number. You may simply call us at 1-888-302-7580, and we can inform the driver to pick you up at the door with in 3-5 minutes. This way you can save time and the parking and greeting charges as well and the procedure is faster than Inside Pick up.

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Your credit card will be charged on the day of the service. Reservations over $300 may be charged full 24 hours prior the service.

ALL no shows will be charged full rate. To avoid being charged, you must call us at 1-888-302-7580 so we can help you to locate our driver.

a) For all Airport Trips 8 Hours prior the pick up time. b)For Wedding and Prom reservations 60 days in advance. c)For all Hourly trips/ Time jobs 14 days in advance. Example: 1) I made a reservation today for an airport pick up which is within few hours, can I cancel the reservation without getting charge? Answer 1)The cancellation policy for all the airport trips are 8 hours in advance. Even if you made the reservation today/ few minutes ago, you will be charged for the full amount for that trip. Example : 2) I have a wedding/ prom reservation and I need to change the vehicle and therefore cancel it. Answer 2)Any changes can be made if we have a vehicle available. If we don’t then the change of vehicle is not possible and therefore the cancellation policy will be in effect and you will not be eligible for any refunds for your reservation. A full amount for the Wedding/Prom reservation and a minimum 6 hours of charge for the Hourly Trip/ Time Jobs will be charged to your credit card. You may cancel the reservation by faxing us or calling us, but the reservation is not cancelled till you have received a valid cancellation number. Phone Cancellation 1-888-302-7580.

After you have received your "Confirmation Number", your car is guaranteed to arrive for you. After our operator takes a reservation, you are guaranteed to have a vehicle at the pick up location on time. We are always ahead of traffic and such situation, however, in some serious traffic situation and mechanical failure in the vehicle can cause fashionable delays in pick up and we can’t be responsible for such failures. Regardless, even in such situation, we will send another vehicle on an immediate basis and fulfill your requirements.

All our vehicles are fully insured for total 1.5 Million liability coverage as per the NJ State requirements.

1)The Client shall be held financially responsible for any and all damages incurred by themselves or by any member of their party, including all cleaning bills, If the client or any member of their party become ill or spill beverages and/or food items on the interior and/or exterior of the limousine, there is a minimum charge of $90.00 or the full cleaning/damage bill will be charged. Blue Limousine Service reserves the right to apply the full amount of the cleaning bill, on the client for the damages that were caused by the driver. 2) There are absolutely no illegal drugs of any kind permitted in the limousine at any time by the client or by anyone in the client's party. Discovery of such will lead to immediate termination of the client's Rental Agreement with no refund due & the driver will call the Police immediately. 3)Any disorderly conduct on the part of the client or by anyone in the client's party will result in termination of the client's Renter's Agreement with no refund due. The chauffeur, although under no obligation to, may give one (1) warning to the client prior to termination. 4) Blue Limousine Service cannot and will not be held responsible for any unforeseen delays or inconveniences due to traffic conditions, mechanical failures, or situations deemed to be an "Act of God". 5)Any returned checks will incur a fee of $50.00 the client will be held responsible for all attorneys, legal, and/or collections fees. 6)Blue Limousine Service cannot and will not be held responsible for any items left in the limousine by either the client or any member of the client's party during or after the charter. However, our drivers are always kind to return goods if found. 7)If you phone-in your credit card number to Blue Limousine Service in order to make a deposit or pay for limousine service, it is considered a legal and binding verbal contract and you agree to allow us to access your card for payment. 8)All our cars are non-smoking and a $75.00 deep cleaning charge will apply to those who smoke in our vehicles.

We appreciate your time reading our terms and FAQ.