How to select a Car service / Limousine company in 6 easy steps.

1. Search around.

Most decent limousine businesses will have an impressive website, and even better client reviews. Social media makes it easier to select a company, and the bad ones are so easy to root out. Check reviews at Google Yelp and Angi’s list.

We are proud to have great reviews: check here, “Our Testimonials”

2. If you are first timer, ask questions.

“We are all ignorant, just in different fields ~ Albert Einstein”

“Intelligent people don’t pretend they know, they do ask questions ~ Abraham Lincoln” So don’t hesitate to ask any questions, no trip is too small for us, no question is silly. A genuine limousine service will only appreciate your questions and answer with depth and compassion. See how you feel about the interactions and answers you receive. You will need to tell them when you need a car, where you will be going, how long you plan on keeping the vehicle, how many passengers are you in total and what type of event it is (Wedding, anniversary, airport etc.. ), and what size vehicle that you are looking for.

Unless you have these statistics, it will be a challenge for you to get answer.

3. Before you finalize, compare and ask why difference in price quotes.

Limousine companies are like restaurants, some are like food cart, some like fast food chain, some are like average local diner, and some are chef owned gourmet restaurants. Not all limousine services are created equal, so ask questions and compare answers before choosing one. A genuine limousine company will be proudly giving you the details of why their company is better, reliable, trustworthy, and should be getting your business.

4. Shop Outside of Your Area and Ahead of Time.

Most limousine companies travel a good 30-40 mile outside of their base on daily basis, this is a very common practice for most. If you live in a smaller town, you might feel like your options are slim, but call surrounding cities and you might get a better deal. Also, start shopping ahead of time, the more time you give yourself to shop, the easier it will be to find the best options and rates as well as securing the right vehicle in time.

Just be sure the company is not from NY or PA, as they are illegal to have any operation in NJ and will not be covered by insurance if anything.

5. Finalize

When you finally make a reservation, be sure to ask about cancellation policy. Also be sure to receive an email confirmation with all the details and verify all the details (Rate, vehicle, date, type of service). A small error on either side can ruin your event.

6. Re-Confirm.

Before the due date of the event, give a call to company, or write an email and verify all the details to make sure, do such 1-2 days prior the service date to make sure.

Note: We send a reminder confirmation 2 days prior the actual trip via email. We also send driver’s information 40 minute prior the trip via email and a text message to passenger’s cell phone.

We are here to help you start and plan your event better and with firm assurance of on time service and quality of the service. Please check out these two videos as per below.

As per all above we have plenty of clients who came to us first time and are now repeat happy customers. Check out our client’s review and book with a confidence. We stand strong for providing top notch service at a reasonable rate. Give us a call at 1-732- 791-2540 or write us what you need as per below.

I rather have you call so I can explain things much better than electronic mail. Owner ~ Dave.

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