Maintenance blog and procedures.

“An executive from L-3- Communication company once asked me how do you guys really maintain all your 10 vehicles, I have been using your company’s services for 8 years, and I have never found anything not working, how do you manage such, I have hard time keeping up with 2 vehicles that I rarely use. I thanked him for the compliments and told him you are opening a door to a library, I told him many tasks that we perform, but then I thought I will start a blog which will help small fleet operations like ours and individuals as well.” - Owner ~Dave.

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How to select a Car service / Limousine company in 6 easy steps.

1. Search around.

Most decent limousine businesses will have an impressive website, and even better client reviews. Social media makes it easier to select a company, and the bad ones are so easy to root out. Check reviews at Google Yelp and Angi’s list.

We are proud to have great reviews: check here, “Our Testimonials”

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